About Us

Tamil Nadu's first all-girls football team, Sethu FC, was founded by M.Seeni Mohaideen in the year 2016 with the mission to inspire women in Tamil Nadu to become leaders in life and football, and to become a well-known and respected team in the Indian Football circuit, Indian Women's League and beyond.

Sethu FC joined the Indian Women's Football League in 2017. In its first season, the team did Tamil Nadu proud by reaching the semi-final and the players who not only represented India but became the driving force in the national women's football scene.

The Women's team aims to provide football lovers, professionals and new enthusiasts an opportunity to play, enjoy and learn the game even while they are going through a grueling academic year. Moreover, we believe sport is probably one of the best medium to build bonds with people and wehave made some really close friends from different programs through our practices, trips and competitions.

Currently, Sethu FC has four categories - Under-13, Under-15, Under-18 and Senior team, and we use football to encourage physical health, self-esteem and equitable gender norms for girls and young women. The team takes a holistic approach to player development and Senior Sethu FC players coach younger female players in football skills, confidence, wellnessand school performance.

We deliver a range of social interventions around health education & life skills, with our flagship programme, the Sethu FC foundation providing vulnerable children & young people with intensive academic support -free education to a select few, football coaching and character development, with the aim of supporting participants genuinely life-changing opportunities in top colleges in the state. Through this long-term, holistic approach, we aim to empower young women with the skills and confidence to become change makers and leaders who contribute the long-term sustainable development of Sethu FC.